Thursday, 26 June 2008

Brad Pitt Sex Scenes


What is it about...

What is it about man-god Pitt? Is it his lips? Those eyes? His personality, which strikes me as a cross between a hyper puppy and a goof-ball man-teen? He's perfected that come-hither look with a dab o' naughtiness behind the sparkle. He's certainly not the best actor in the world - I think he's better when he sticks to crazy types like Tyler Durden in Fight Club or the wack-job in 12 Monkeys. Troy? Not so much, although my perception of Pitt in period flicks may change when his Jesse James movie comes out, but then again I hear he's playing the rambunctious cad and not attempting the lofty lingo of a Trojan warrior or an Irish accent (oy!).

I have to admit a certain bias: A couple of years back I was walking across the Fox lot and happened to stumble through the locked-down exterior set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. No one else was around except me and Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who was riding low on a scooter around in circles, chasing little Maddox who was in one of those cool battery-powered kids car things. He was hot, she was even hotter, and I said something like "hey now THAT looks like FUN!" to little Maddox, who grinned the biggest smile at me. Brad smiled too, and Anjelina, who was perched on the stairs watching with approval, gazed at me for 2 seconds with the most beautiful eyes I think I've ever seen on a human being. It was a magical moment that lasted all of 15 seconds, but one I'll remember forever, not only for coming withing kissing distance of two of the hottest actors in Hollywood EVER but also for the sense that I was a welcome visitor into what even then felt like an intimate family moment (this was months before he announced his split with Jen).

Naked Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Naked

Nude Brad Pitt

Ooh, nude brad pitt so perfect and all so natural and stuff. It’s not like he had a dietician pre-pack all he meals for 6 months before Fight Club while he spent 6 hours in a gym or anything so he could be all ripped and stuff. None the less, it’s finally a sign of the old ego poking out.
OK, so maybe it’s not that bad, maybe i’m just grasping at straws but still, imagine how a comment like that could hurt and offend people! Imagine how it could make disabled people feel!!! Or other people who don’t have genetics!!! Ok ok, I am grasping at straws. Whatever the case, whether his ego overuled his tiny mind for once or not, Brad still kicks @ss. Props and peace Brad…

Brad Pitt naked

Brad Pitt naked

Sorry ladies! According to the latest tabloids, Hollywood A-Lister Brad Pitt has announced that he will no longer be doing any sex scenes in films because he’s doesn’t want his kids to see him in the nude.

The American star, who now has three children with his partner Angelina Jolie has divulged that he will only pick flicks that his entire family can see from now on.

The 43 year old actor is quoted in the Sun newspaper as saying: "I do think about what they are going to see and certainly some of the stuff I have done, what they are going to see when they grow up and I am a little concerned.

"It definitely colours what I’ll approach in the future. I will try to be a little more mature about my decisions I think."